Learn to create digital potrait art by Ambika Sharm

Designers are born creative thinkers, but many times

we face a challenge to think on the spot. I was also facing similar challenges, but this trick has helped me a lot.  

I would love to take one to one sessions with 5 designers. The chosen designers will be sent a google invite for an event. They can confirm their presence by accepting the invite.


  • What is whiteboarding? 

  • Why it is an effective method to collaborate? 

  • Step for an effective whiteboard session? 

  • Practice 

DesignGupShup is a design community that believes in sharing skills with others to help them grow.

#1: Design thinking

It was about sessions on using design thinking to solve a problem.

#2: Wireframes

The series was about sketching out ideas on paper

#3: Design with instincts

Designgupshup series 3 aims at how can we validate the design that we create in our workspace.

About DesignGupShup

Designgupshup was born out of love for building a design community. I believe that surrounding yourself with the community that truly understands and appreciates design can be key for growing as a designer. A design community helps you to encourage and learn new things and also, aims at sharing the knowledge. You can read all the textbooks, blog posts, and articles in the World but nothing can compare having a conversation and getting advice from people. 


There are ample benefits to the knowledge pool. Even my career was shaped by many designers in my organization and to whom I follow online. Being a part of the community can help you learn how to share ideas and how to grow unitedly. 

If you think that you can share any skill with aspiring designers

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