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Importance of MVP to understand
user behaviour 

MVPs play a vital role when introducing new elements to the app, especially when uncertain about users' reactions. They enable us to gauge user responses to changes and influence their expectations, driving a positive shift in the overall product experience. ​


At LazyPay, we aimed to test our hypothesis by launching to enhance app retention. LazyPay offers the easiest and fastest online payment method through credit, allowing users to pay with a click at 2500 merchants and repay effortlessly with set auto-repayment within 15 days. ​


Only 15% of users were utilizing the app for repayments, severely limiting business opportunities and indicating a lack of awareness in users' about other offerings from LazyPay. ​


Through research and data analytics, we discovered that a substantial number of our users opt for LazyPay to make payments on food applications during lunchtime, utilizing the set auto-repayment feature. They prefer LazyPay to bypass multiple checkout steps. Moreover, 50% users who use app to check offers on various merchants, using the app primarily for the appealing offers. ​


One way to engage users with an app is to introduce a reward system incorporating gamification elements, encouraging users to frequent the app more often. ​


This experiment proved successful, although it demanded multiple iterations to establish a stable reward system within the app. Through these efforts, we managed to attract user groups beyond users' who come on LazyPay to avail offers on different merchants, leading to significant outcomes.


• Doubled

   KYC completion rate

• Gamified referral

  showed that expiry and loss aversion is a strong driver for user behavior

• Variable rewards 

     can drive engagement at a lower cost

How I approached it? 


Conducted competitor analysis and collected user feedback 


Conducted workshop with across departments to generate ideas


Explored various possibilities on the basis of research


Built final solution and worked closely with engineers to develop it


Analysed using A/B testing and iterative design process

Started with


1. I build a journey map to identify users' motivations, frustrations, and emotions regarding engaging in the Togetherall online community.

2. I conducted online sessions with users to dive deep into how they feel about sharing on Togtherall and other social media platforms they use.


3. And, leveraged the Togetherall online platform to share a post on users' ideas about having space to discuss specific topics in the wider Togetherall community. The idea to reach out to wider audiences was a success and received 100+ comments on the post.


Defined Persona

At this stage, I analyzed the available data on the LazyPay persona. I decided to further break down them into categories to focus on the right user groups for whom we are designing a reward program. I got this validated by the business and researchers.

1. Promising Talent (Most): These users prioritize LazyPay for convenience, not heavily valuing cashback. They consistently make timely payments through auto-debit, mainly using LazyPay for weekday food orders.

2. Deal-Driven Users (Good): This users utilizes LazyPay solely for deals, displaying a non-loyal pattern and opting for LazyPay only when a better deal is available.

3. Devoted User (Few): These users prioritize LazyPay for convenience and comfort over seeking deals, showcasing loyalty through consistent daily usage across multiple merchants.





During this phase, I challenged my creativity, I chose to brainstorm numerous ideas based on market research findings. This approach enabled me to adopt a broader perspective and identify the optimal solution for LazyPay's user base

  1. I created a mood board of possible constructs. 

  2. I conducted workshops and brainstorming sessions with engineers and product managers. This has helped me understand the technical constraints early in the design process. 

  3. Collaboratively made some design decisions.


Build and Implemented MVP

At this time, we narrowed down the scope and decided to launch something that can be shipped faster and help us learn the behaviour & in meantime, we decided to work with the technical team to work on our backend and the operations to work on acquiring the deals and offers for the full version of reward programs.


Learning from MVP launch

  • The MVP of rewards proves that variable rewards can drive engagement at a lower cost + improve traffic on the app.

  • The gamified referral showed that expiry and loss aversion is a strong driver for user behavior.

  • It has doubled the KYC completion process. Thereby, has opened new business opportunities


The efforts were appreciated with the

🏆 PayU Global Thank You Award 2020 and 🏆spot award by CEO

Ideation V2


Build and Implement V2

1. I analysed MVP insights, we employed an end-to-end design process and collaborated extensively to successfully launch the fully functional reward program on the LazyPay app for V2.

2. I created wireframes and different concepts based on research and lessons learned from the MVP phase. Subsequently, workshops and brainstorming sessions were conducted across departments to formulate the final outcome.

3. During this stage, I focused on refining the user flow of rewards (from MVP), and we made the decision to incorporate multiple touchpoints for the reward program on the app.


Thank you!

Key Learnings

An MVP for LazyPay reward system served as a starting point to validate, iterate, and refine a product based on real user interactions and feedback, ultimately increasing the chances of success when launching a fully developed reward system on a LazyPay Android and IOS app. 

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