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A Fresh approach to post on Togetherall

The process of creating a post on the Togetherall platform has remained unchanged since its initial launch. However, approximately 40% of members are encountering difficulties in finding out how to create a post. Additionally, many members are receiving errors when submitting posts, and more than half of users are having trouble understanding the purpose of different post types on Togetherall.

As Togetherall grew over the years, mobile usage also increased and half of the users were accessing it via mobile devices. However, the old design for creating a post on Togetherall was not user-friendly for mobile users, which resulted in only 5% of members creating posts using their mobile devices.

We recognized a significant need to enhance the post-creation experience on Togetherall, making it more user-friendly across all devices and encouraging greater participation. 


Our goal is to support Togetherall's mission to create an anonymous community that offers peer-to-peer support, which can scale infinitely and provides a proven way to feel better.


• 40% Increase in no. of talkabout created

• 0 errors  at the time of creating post

• 25% increase in  no. of posts created using mobile


• 70% increase in clicks on create post action

How I approached it? 


Teamed up with product manger, engineers and QA in aglie setup


User tested the exisiting solution and gathered feedback


Worked with engineers to grasp existing tool's technical limitations.


Delivered the solution within specified resources and constraints


Implemented A/B testing for solution enhancement and fine-tuning.

Research and Evaluation

To start, I delved deeper into the problem of creating posts on the Togetherall online community. I used various methods, such as the Hotjar analytical tool to study user behavior, unmoderated user testing to identify challenges, and collected user feedback to understand their expectations.

My findings


Difficult to find

The previous version of the platform didn't feature a "create a post" action on the homepage. As a result, it led to a delay in discovering an option to create a post in the Togetherall community. 


Unclear action

The phrase "Create Talkabout or Brick" on the community page puzzled new users, as it was unfamiliar compared to actions they see on other social media platforms to create a post. This confusion caused hesitation among users when clicking on the action.

Findings_unclear actions.png
Findings_unclear Description.png


Unclear descriptions of post type

Togetherall allows users to share their thoughts through writing and drawing. However, unclear descriptions for each post type left users uncertain about the next steps after making a choice


Usability Issues

The visual cues were unclear, leading users to overlook the primary actions for adding titles and tags. This highlights a significant usability issue in the design.


Ideation and Testing

The aim is to enhance engagement on the platform by ensuring the "create a post" feature is easily discoverable, user-friendly, and responsive.

Solutions_Easy to find.jpg


Easy to find

Implementing multiple touchpoints enhanced the visibility of the "create a post" feature. Additionally, allowing users to create posts directly from the homepage improved accessibility and user experience.


Unclear actions and descriptions

Using clear and concise language and visuals for action buttons and descriptions has effectively guided users, providing precise instructions on what steps to take.

Solutions_Clear descriptions.jpg
Solutions_No distractions.jpg


Enhanced Visibility

Enhancing the visibility of the "Add Title" and "Add Tags" options ensured they were prominently displayed and easily noticeable. Additionally, removing the header navigation and showcasing it on a full screen helped minimize distractions for users.


Mobile Optimization

Optimizing the post creation flow for mobile devices is crucial, given the increasing number of users accessing the platform via smartphones and tablets.


Thank you!

Key Learnings

The revamped post creation process resulted in a significant reduction in errors, highlighting an enhanced user experience and improved platform usability. Users provided positive feedback, appreciating the revamped interface for its improved usability and fostering a stronger sense of community.

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