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Bringing together individuals with shared interests

People often seek connection with others who share similar interests because it provides a sense of belonging and community.

On the Togetherall online community, we realized people were facing difficulty in finding others and posting about similar challenges, which led to hesitation in interacting with other members on the platform.

After conducting research and with the help of the data analytics team, we figured out that around 75% of members are not sharing out of 1.5M daily active users.

It became clear that if members couldn't feel comfortable sharing their experiences with others, the purpose of the business, which is peer-to-peer support to improve mental well-being, would not be achieved.

This effort required encouraging members to share and support, adopting a customer-centric mindset, working closely across various departments, and undergoing digital transformation to solve the primary purpose of the business.

The vision was clear at the start of the project: to make Togetherall a vibrant community to help people improve their mental well-being which was achieved after the launch. 


• 40% Increase in engagement

• 2 times more comments on a Group Post.

• 90% traffic conversion rate from feature banner on the Homepage

How I approached it? 


Teamed up with product manger, engineers and QA in aglie setup


Conducted workshop with various department to generate ideas


Conducted research and user testing to build and refine prototype


Built final solution and worked closely with engineers to develop it


Analysed and made iteration in the final solution 

Started with


Survey Post_edited.png

1. Build a journey map to identify users' motivations, frustrations, and emotions regarding engaging in the Togetherall online community.

2. Conducted online sessions with users to dive deep into how they feel about sharing on Togtherall and other social media platforms they use.


3. Leverage the Togetherall online platform to share a post on users' ideas about having space to discuss specific topics in the wider Togetherall community. The idea to reach out to wider audiences was a success and received 100+ comments on the post.


Ideation and Decision Making

1. Conducted a workshop with the product manager, technical lead, and clinical team, where we collectively generated ideas for launching Togetherall groups and listed technical considerations based on research findings.

2. As a team, we made crucial decisions to meet deadlines and transitioned from the design strategy to the final UI.

Mobile UI.png
Mobile ui2.jpg


Prototype Testing of The Final Design

1. Next, we utilized the unmoderated and iterative process, conducting prototype testing with 10 users, half of whom tested a mobile prototype.

2. Most users were able to join, engage, and create posts in a Group, but 40% of them faced challenges in easily finding the Group feature.

3. To meet the deadlines, I made some visual changes to address the discoverability issue.



1. The project was divided into smaller segments. Each JIRA ticket contained detailed user stories and Figma links showcasing flows, final UI, and interactions.

2. Conducted post-development testing with Quality Analysts.

3. Added new design elements to the Togetherall component library to ensure the platform consistency




What's Next

1. Insights from prototype and post-launch testing highlighted the Groups’ discoverability issue

2. Developed homepage promotional banner to enhance the Group feature discovery and increase the adoption

3. The homepage promo banner efficiently directed 2% users to Groups, resulting in a 90% traffic conversion rate

Thank you!

Key Learnings

The implementation of Groups on Togetherall not only resolved user concerns but also markedly boosted user engagement and satisfaction.  This transformation has nurtured a more cohesive community among its users.

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