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I am Priyanka Goyal (PG.) Portfolio

I am a design nerd who loves solving challenges and creating with a data-driven twist. I believe in keeping it simple yet impactful, following a design process to achieve results. Always eager to learn and improve, I welcome feedback to refine my skills. As a team player, I take pleasure in sharing knowledge to elevate everyone's success.

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PayU - 2020 till 2021

Importance of MVP to learn user behaviour

• I worked with the LazyPay team at PayU India, a digital wallet and payment platform for services, products, and utility bills, offering instant credit options for deferred payments

• With approximately 4 million daily active users across India in 2022, it rapidly expanded as a credit platform

• I was a part of the growth team, focusing on enhancing user retention by implementing a reward system within the LazyPay app. The MVP design of the LazyPay reward system received recognition globally at PayU, and I received multiple awards for building the Functional and aesthetically strong solution


An interactive way give rewards on
the app has increased no. of logins

Simple game rule

Has led to participations and Increased engagement


Increased in KYC completion

Togetherall - 2021 till 2023

Bringing together individuals with shared interests

Increase in overall engagement

• Togetherall is a secure online community (SAAS based) where individuals share their challenging experiences to enhance their mental well-being.

• Togetherall serves approximately 20 million users across various countries and platforms.

• As a member of the Growth team, our objective was to comprehend user hesitancy in engaging with the platform. We aimed to discover and MVP launch to boost user engagement.

2 times

Rise in Average no. of comments on a post


Conversions from promo card on the Homepage

I hired Priyanka when I was building the Product team from the ground up at Togetherall. Alongside a lead product designer, Priyanka supported and enabled what is now a well-run, structured, and effective Product Design unit that supports all the Product teams at Togetherall. 

Funmi Alassan, CPO Togetherall

Togetherall - 2021 till 2023

A Fresh approach to posting on Togetherall
70% Increase

clicks to create a post.

• One of my favorite projects was improving engagement with limited time and resources.

• I initially identified quick-win ideas to boost user engagement before concentrating on enhancing the post creation flow. I chose this project because it was developer-friendly and promised high impact in less time.

• The project was a tremendous success, leading to increased user satisfaction and significant enhancements to the platform.

40% increase

in the number of Talkabouts created in the community.

Reduce errors

when creating a post compared to the previous process.

Oyolife - 2019 till 2020

Improving the property search experience on the OYOlife website

• OYO is a global online marketplace that helps travelers find budget hotels and accommodations in over 35 countries worldwide.

• During my time at OYO, I had the opportunity to enhance the search experience for OYOLife, a product aimed at users seeking long-term co-living spaces. OYOLife is a part of OYO Rooms.

• OYOlife attracted 95% of its' users through SEO on the OYOlife mobile website, most of them are either unique users or users with no active sessions. 


Increase in search option to find
a desired Oyolife property


Number of pageviews of the property details page.


Increase in the number of leads
generated online

Oyolife - 2020 till 2019

Helping customers to paint their future home in the mind

• Following the previous project, where we enhanced the search functionality on the OYOlife mobile site, our goal was to elevate the user experience. We aimed to provide users with detailed information, enabling them to visualize and plan their home décor online effectively

• Additionally, our objective was to promote and facilitate online bookings through this redesign, empowering users to make reservations with confidence


10 mins

Due to adequate information users
were spending for time on the page.


Increased in no. of leads to view the property online.


The bounce rate from the product
detail page.

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